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Why North Shore Spine & Sport Personal Training

At North Shore Spine and Sport our personal training and mobility training services are geared toward people who are injured or in pain.  

Given Dr. Melander’s extensive background in pain management, strength and conditioning, and mobility training, he is uniquely qualified to guide people who have been injured or are in pain on their return to exercise and fitness.

In many ways, the most rewarding patients and clients that Dr. Melander has worked with are those people who have been made to feel vulnerable, fragile, weak, incapable, scared, confused, and disenfranchised.

At North Shore Spine and Sport, we aim to empower people using strength, conditioning, and mobility. Below are the various training services we offer.

our Personal Training Approach

At North Shore Spine and Sport, our personal training and mobility training services are geared toward people who have been injured or are in pain. The research on pain and injury overwhelmingly supports movement and exercise as essential to short and long-term improvement.  

Unfortunately, countless healthcare providers advocate for a decrease in activity and exercise which often coincides with an increase in the fear, doubt, and fragility many people associate with pain and injury. At NSSS, we aim to break that cycle by first helping you RECOVER from your pain, and then help you ADAPT to a stronger, more mobile, more resilient human. 

If you have been the unfortunate victim of misinformation about your pain or injury, if you have been made to feel weak or vulnerable because of pain or injury, or if you just don’t know how to approach movement and fitness again, please reach out to us, we can’t wait to show you just how capable you are.

Recover and Adapt

Dr. Melander believes one of his greatest responsibilities is to remind people just how resilient and adaptable they are.  Arguably no matter what the injury is, and no matter how severe a person’s pain is, there is a “trainable menu” available to them.

That is to say, there are modifications of practically every exercise concept imaginable that can be utilized to determine what the hardest things are that person can do well. Big picture, when training an injured person or a person suffering with pain, that person is far better served by learning about the many physical tasks they can accomplish favorably than they are by being told all of the things they can not do.

At North Shore Spine and Sport, we aim to empower people using strength, conditioning, and mobility.  Our goal is to boost self-efficacy such that in the unfortunate event their pain or symptoms return someday, they know exactly what to do to round the proverbial corner and stay in control of their good health.

Move Better

Research is clear, movement is essential to maintain the health of our joints and soft tissues

Get Stronger

Simply put, no one has ever complained about being stronger

Decrease Pain

Through a variety of means, exercise can help to reduce and often negate persistent pain experiences

Mitigate Injury Risk

More movement, more strength = more resilient, less injury prone

Tone Up

Exercise helps people lose weight and look fit

Stay Motivated

A trainer is an advocate in your health journey, and as such, someone who will help keep you accountable 

Common Personal Training / Trainer FAQ

We've compiled a list of common personal training / personal trainers questions to help you get all the answers you are looking for. If you have additional questions if our personal training services in North Shore would be a good fit for you, please contact our team. 

How much does a personal trainer cost near me?

How much does a personal trainer cost near me? At North Shore Spine and Sport our personal training and mobility training sessions are 60 minutes long and cost $100.

How often should you see a personal trainer?

There is no correct answer to this question.  The answer entirely depends on a person’s goals and motivation.  Some people want 3 training sessions per week whereas some people can only accommodate 1 training session per month.  At North Shore Spine and Sport we will always provide you with off-day workouts so you can keep up your progress and fitness gains even when you aren’t training in our facility.

How can I find a trainer (How do I choose a personal trainer)?

Perhaps the first and arguably most important step in finding a trainer is to identify what your goals are and whether that trainer has a background that is relevant to your goals.  Frankly, if your goal is to be an elite athlete then Dr. Melander will refer you to a coach who trains elite athletes.  Conversely, if you are injured or in pain and nervous about exercise, chances are Dr. Melander has worked with countless people with the same issue and can help you out.

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

We’re biased so our answer is a resounding yes.  Personal trainers keep you accountable, motivated, and serve as a support system to help realize your health and fitness goals.  Even the best athletes, best coaches, and best trainers….use trainers!

What does a personal trainer do?

A personal trainer will meet with you to learn what your goals are, IE: get stronger, lose weight, move better, and then craft an exercise program that is completely individualized based on your current fitness capacity and is intended to help you realize your goals.

How many times a week should I train with a personal trainer?

This completely depends on your goals and motivation.  Some people meet with their trainer multiple times per week whereas others might only meet with their trainer once per month.

Can I lose weight with a personal trainer?

Absolutely yes.  Exercise is a pillar of sustainable weight loss success.

How fast can you see results with a personal trainer?

The speed you earn results will depend somewhat on the frequency of your training/exercise, what your goals are, and your starting level of fitness.  That being said, most people will start feeling better within just a few weeks, and more than likely will have noticeable, measurable improvements within 8-12 weeks.

Is one personal training session a week enough?

Yes, depending on your goals.  Ideally there are other instances of physical activity occurring outside of one training session per week, but even just one session with a trainer per week can make big changes for a person long-term.

Is a 30 minute personal training session enough?

There is a lot that can be accomplished in 30 minutes.  At North Shore Spine and Sport our training sessions default to 60 minutes, but we can certainly get you working hard if you can only spare 30 minutes!

Do personal trainers help with diet?

Many personal trainers do help with diet, but not all.  While Dr. Melander has studied a lot about nutrition over the years and he can offer general nutritional guidance, he will likely refer you to a nutritionist for optimal diet guidance.

What are the qualities of a good personal trainer?

The questions you may want to ask regarding a good personal trainer include:

  • What is the trainer’s background?
  • Have they trained people like me?
  • Are they authentic?
  • What kind of exercise do they like to program for their clients (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, pilates, yoga, etc.)?
  • Do I like this person (sounds silly, but you will be spending a lot of 1-on-1 time with your trainer)? 

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