Here is what some of our happy clients are saying about us!

Extremely Knowledgeable

Mike is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly! Definitely recommend going to these guys for any injuries or training!

Jamie B.

Can't Say Enough Good Things

Magic Mike! I could barely sit down for more than 10 mins at a time and Mike had me back and training in no time. Can't say enough good things.

Michael C.

A True 5-Star Experience

Dr. Melander is an outstanding practitioner.  Each appointment that I've had with him has run on time and I've always left his office feeling exponentially better than when I entered.  He has an incredible knowledge of his field and answered all of my questions thoroughly....A true 5-star experience!

Andrew L.

High Level Treatment

Having gone to Dr. Melander myself I know the high level treatment you will receive if you need his expertise. It's also why as a Naturopathic Doctor, I feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Melander to anyone I care for in my practice that needs Chiropractic body work. He is excellent and you will not regret it.

Stephen C.

Effectively Heal Decades-Old Injury

Michael is a fabulous clinician. He's been able to effectively heal a decades-old injury in my leg, and has restored movement I thought was permanently gone.  Professionally, I'm an acupuncturist and all the clients I have sent to Michael come back raving.  Highly recommend seeing him!

Josh S.

He Really Helped

MIke is incredible.  I've gone a couple times and it's like magic.  He's very nice, friendly, and helpful.  He really took the time to listen to my problem, examine me and explain what was going on.  He made some adjustments and also gave me exercises to do home.  He really helped.  Just go!

Steve C.

Get Back To Activities I Love

I cannot say enough about this place. I have been seeing Dr. Melander for several years now for different injuries related to working out, my job as a Police Officer or my chronic bad knee. His treatment always allows me to get back to doing the activities I love. He educates me on treatments I can do at home to help the healing process move quickly. He’s never told me I can’t do something but rather supports me in helping my body get healthy again. It’s been a pleasure seeing his business offer everything a person needs to live a healthy, fit and active lifestyle. Over the years I’ve recommended him to several other athletes and each of them rave about the treatment they received.

Jenn P.

Polite, Friendly, Relatable, Professional

Dr. Melander treated sports/gym related injuries for my girlfriend and I. I had shoulder rotator cuff injury, and she had a lower back/hip and neck injury. Our injuries were chronic and persistent, but we always left his office feeling and noticing a decreased level of pain and more comfort after his treatments. Dr. Melander is polite, friendly, relatable, a professional and extremely knowledgeable at what he does. We've both learned a lot from him and have noticed a drastic improvement with our injuries. My girlfriend is a big fan of his personal training! I highly recommend his treatment and personal training services, especially for those suffering from sports/gym related injuries.

Nurudeen T.

Help Me Tremendously

I had several weeks of treatment with Mike and he was able to help me tremendously.  He works with an attention to detail that is uncommon in his industry.  He treats every patient as special and adjusts his treatment in accordance with their reported symptoms.  So many chiropractors that I have dealt with have three of four people being treated at the same time.  I can't stress how nice it was to get some personal attention. Thanks Mike!

Michael K.

Strongly Recommend

I started seeing Dr. Melander several weeks ago for problems in my neck, shoulder and back.  I've experienced weakness in my left leg for the longest time but felt much better after a couple sessions with him.  Prior to this, I tried PT (which didn't help at all) and osteopathic manipulation with a different provider (it helped a little but symptoms still persisted).  He explained the potential causes for the symptoms I experienced and also taught me a few home exercises I could do.  I strongly recommend him.


Walking Pain-Free Again

Michael specializes in Active Release Technique which effectively addresses a range of sports and overuse injuries.  When I started going to Michael, I couldn't walk without experiencing pain in my ankle from a running injury.  Over the course of two months, he had me walking pain-free and even running again! Not only did he work with me during our sessions, he also recommended stretches and exercises I could do at home to build stability in the ankle.  He was immediately helpful, incredibly knowledgeable, and just a nice person. And he got results when physical therapy didn't. What more can you ask?!

Sarah P.

Michael Knows His Stuff

I've been seeing Michael for the past 6 months since he took over the practice from the chiropractor that I had been seeing for about 5 years.  As I have a chronic joint problem, I do need to see chiropractors and have done a lot of work over the past number of years to strengthen my connective tissue so that I don't have to go as often.  I've been to a number of chiropractors and I can say that Michael knows his stuff.  As just about every joint in my body usually needs to be adjusted at some time, he's knowledgeable about how to adjust more than just the normal vertebrae.  I probably go about once a month now and I'd recommend him to anyone.

Ken M.

Healed Lower Back Pain

Ahhhh Magic Mike as I would call him.  I started seeing Mike in October of 2012 as a recommendation from a highly respected athlete/yoga teacher friend. I was dealing with severe back pain in my SI and it was affecting my work/day/active life.  This occurred post pregnancy at about 10  months after my child was born.  He immediately identified the issue as being in my psoas and we worked for 4 weeks with ART (Active Release Technique) in my Psoas, Piriformis, and upper back.  What can I say.  It worked.  Not only did the pain in my lower back go away – but my mind-body awareness is heightened in my own yoga practice.  Dr. Mike is a wealth of knowledge and empowers his patients with tools to help facilitate healing and improve daily life. 

Nice to have someone like this on your side, particularly if you are an active type and if you look for ways to optimize performance.

Sandra R.

Very Happy To Have Found His Practice

I've been seeing the same chiropractic group in SF for about 4 years, so I was a little nervous seeking out an active release chiropractor in Boston. Would they get my needs? Would I leave the office with that same feeling of relief?  Well, if you've had the same worries seeking out a chiropractor, rest assured that Dr. Melander will do your body right. On my initial appointment, he thoroughly walked through my history and assessed where my body was currently at. Overall, his approach was really similar to the one I've been receiving in SF, but where it varied, I could tell it was the right re-teaching my muscles needed.  Dr Melander was also very easy-going and there was absolutely no pressure to set up a rigid structure for appointments (though if I really needed it, he definitely would have done so.) Instead, he left my treatment plan more up to me to feel out, which is exactly where I'm currently at and need.  Very happy to have found his practice and will be back in due time.

Jon T.

My Shoulder Pain Virtually Disappeared

Michael Melander is a fantastic doctor. I rarely do internet reviews, but felt compelled to make a yelp account to bring attention to his work.  When I first visited Dr.Melander I suffered from chronic shoulder pain. I could not swim, lift, throw things, or even carry bags without flaring up my shoulder. Sometimes the pain would linger for days and distract me from daily life. Before coming to Michael, I had tried several options to alleviate this pain. A doctor prescribed OTC anti-inflammatories and rest with little effect. I saw a physical therapist for a few months, which led to a slight, perhaps insignificant reduction in pain.  During my first visit Dr. Melander was extremely straightforward. He told me exactly what techniques he would use to address my pain and why he was using them. He made sure I understood each step and patiently answered all of my questions. Dr.Melander said he expected my pain to subside within a few treatments. I was skeptical that it could possibly be that fast, but was willing to try.  After my first treatment, my pain lessened significantly. The activities that used to hurt me still did, but much less. After the second visit, MY PAIN VIRTUALLY DISAPPEARED. I deliberately tried to flare up my shoulder pain by exposing it to all sorts of stress, but could not. Now, after after a third visit my shoulder feels better than it had since before my injury. I can swim, row, run, and lift with no pain. Everything that would have caused agony before has no effect now. As a lifetime athlete, this is a godsend.  I am a software developer and heavy computer user who also suffers recurring wrist pain. Dr.Melander has started to treat my wrist pain (something I had no clue chiropractors could do) with promising results. I would recommend him to anyone suffering from any sort of pain problem.

Ethan B.

"Always left his office feeling a decreased level of pain and more comfort after his treatments."

Nurudeen T.

Your Providers

Dr. Melander and his businesses were honored 4 times as best in Boston. Dr. Melander is an instructor of the Active Release Techniques® soft-tissue injury management system in the United States and Canada. Dr. Melander is a Functional Range Conditioning® mobility specialist, a Kinstretch® instructor, an avid fitness enthusiast, and above all else, Dr. Melander believes that YOU ARE RESILIENT.

Dr Michael Melander DC

Instructor: Active Release Techniques® (ART)

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) Mobility Specialist

Kinstretch® Coach

Dr. timothy moller, DC in front of a brick wall

Active Release Techniques® (ART) Specialist

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) Mobility Specialist

Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab® (FAKTR/scraping technique)

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